Fur Tree Newfoundlands

Elmer, NJ, USA
56 Chestnut Street Elmer New Jersey 08318 US

My wife and I raise our purebred Newfoundlands in the warm sandy lowlands of South Jersey. We are very passionate about this beautiful breed, and every single one of our dogs we consider our personal companion!! With a 5 acre homestead offering plenty of room to run or roam, we do our best to give our dogs a “puppy paradise”!! We are very concerned that the characteristics of the Newfoundland breed are preserved: Dignity, Loyalty, Gentleness, and Protectiveness. We are also concerned about the heath issues this large breed faces. Our dogs are scanned for Hip & Elbow Dysplasia. We supply our dogs with nutritional supplements such as NuVet Labs, and make sure they get plenty of exercise!!

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